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muc89com is a German firm specialized in high-quality audio playback in standalone and embedded devices. We believe devices for high-quality music playback don’t need to be heavy or expensive. We started internet business mainly with ESS Technology SABRE based USB DACs. Today, all our HIRESFI product lines are engineered in Germany and manufactured with original components on our instructions in EU and non-EU countries.

We put great emphasis in the use of high quality electronic components, in particular. Not just the central ICs stated in our product descriptions, but also voltage regulators, diodes or polyfuses are sourced from notable manufacturers, such as Analog Devices, Atmel, Linear Technology, muRata, ST Microelectronics and Texas Instruments.

With our HIRESFI AMPER products it is easy to build high-quality and affordable audio distribution systems.

We can provide not only hardware, but also embedded software solutions for several use cases. You have a specific use case that needs an audio solution? Drop us an email!

HIRESFI AMPER True Digital Amplifier ISAR500 USB Isolator
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